So, @Legion_One posted this last week or so:

Now, this didn't make any sense to me at all. However, I might've stumbled on an answer as to why he might've come up with this.

Occasionally (I notice it in Cooperative), the spawn area glitches out for a player or something, so you end up with this magical ability to resupply your loadout, regardless of your position on the map, with no cooldowns whatsoever. I'm still iffy on what actually causes this, though. Besides death, the only other way to fix it is to reenter your spawn area and leave.

It's been in the game for ages, but it doesn't happen often. I also never really knew the cause, which makes it hard to report since you can't replicate it.

However, I've recently come to the realization of what this actually means for gameplay. Besides instant-resupplying, this glitch ends up doing a couple more things:

  1. Friendlies cannot damage or kill you. You can still commit suicide, however.

  2. Bots cannot target the player; almost like you have notarget on (stray fire may still kill you; not sure).

I do at least have a video showing off what the glitch does. Note the constant supply icon in the bottom right corner.

Youtube Video

EDIT: At 0:55, how the fuck did I not hit that guy?

Also, the flashbang sensitivity decrease is awful (1:17 in the vid).

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