So I wanted to play the game after not touching it for the past 3 weeks with the new patch. I started it and just made some changes to the my fleets without playing any battle then logged out of the game, apparently a crash log got generated BUT I didn't even notice it. Later during the day, the second time I launched the game I just played one battle against the AI, then when finished I exit the game and got a blue screen and my whole pc restarted, which generated the second log I attached.

I also need to say, all the other games I play on this computer are working just fine (played like 5 other games without any issues whatsoever). At the beginning of the second beta the game hard crashed on me like 3 times but never again after that until Today. Since I have this computer (around 3 years ago) this is the ONLY game that has given me so many pains with these type of crashes, luckily, this time the game did generate 2 crash logs that I have attached, along with my MSinfo and dxdiag file. So maybe I had 2 game crashes, one that I didn't even notice when exiting the game then the second time it was fatal.