You guys are unreal! (C4 spawn wipe)

So obviously in an attempt to make spawn killing even easier you guys added a little indicator to make it easier to tell when a enemy wave is spawning in! 😆. You guys fucking kill me man... Never seize to amaze me guys!!

@planetcanada I mean, it wasn't very hard to notice that anyway.

Also, spawn killing is definitely still an issue, so yeah, this doesn't help lmao.

@marksmanmax I know if you were looking for the wave it wasn’t very difficult but to be completely honest I never really payed much attention to it before and I rarely noticed the enemies spawn just by the red number (enemies remaining waves) going down. I haven’t played for a while now and played just a few matches yesterday and holy shit I couldn’t help but notice every single time they spawned so it’s definitely much easier to notice exactly when the next enemy wave had spawned in just saying... Not that I care to much this games just about done dead to me lol hate to say it because I still come on here and I did give it a go yesterday. But I have lost so much faith and interest I guess at the same time as I pay even a little attention to what’s going on and hold on to a thread of hope? Then again I am a little nuts...