New Necron ships: starpulse and fighters missing

Hello, I've just tried the new necron ships and I have some issues:

  1. The following ships have no starpulse: Scourge and Harrower. Is this a design choice or an oversight?
  2. The harrower has no fighters. Again: design choice or oversight?
  3. The light cruiser has both starpulse and fighters, which is something that other light cruisers don't have. While I like this because it gives necrons a cheap AA option, I'm again left wondering: is this a design choice or an oversight?

I really like the scourge. Necrons needed a carrier like this. However the launch bays description shows the same description of an imperial navy launch bay .

I understand for the carrier not having starpulse, starpulse + 4 bays = impossible to do anything with ordnances vs him.