Guide for best FPS results and smooth gameplay - step by step :

Hey Sandstorm Community !

After the latest Sandstorm 1.1.3. Patch bad game performance came back to many players and i would like to give a little guidance for those of you who really have hard times with bad FPS and smoothness of the game. It might help a little, so just give it a try :

As i have a Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti this is a guide for all Nvidia graphics card owners only. ( some settings might also work for AMD GPU based graphic cards )

  • Nvidia System Settings ( Windows 7 / 8 / 10 ) set on Performance ( believe me it won´t be ugly as predicted in the preview )
    Although everything is in german language you guys should understand the settings on the screenshots :
    0_1553176281502_Nvidia 01.jpg

0_1553176292246_Nvidia 02.jpg

0_1553176324676_Nvidia 03.jpg

0_1553176340637_Nvidia 04.jpg

As my post gets too large ( because of the screenshots ) i have to splitt my guide up into several posts.

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  • in-game VIDEO settings :



As you guys heard there has been told to delete the WindowsClient Folder to get better FPS results.
I tried that too and had a worse result than before and that´s why i propose to do act like this :

Find the WindowsClient Folder in a path similar to this ( because this is my path ) :
--------------------> ^
Here should be the name of your Computer ( instead of LIGHTNING - which is my Computers Name )

To be able to see this hidden path you have to activate : "SHOW HIDDEN FILES" in your WINDOWS EXPLORER ( you will find that setting in the FOLDER OPTIONS )

Now in the folder WindowsClient you will find the file Engine.ini

  • Open it by double clicking on it ---> Now you should completely delete the text in this file ----> but you should make a backup of the text and save it somewhere in case you want to undo things !
  • After deleting the text : Copy this text below and paste it into the Engine.ini file :



  • Close and save the file afterwards.

Now your game should run much smoother than it did before !

To get the maximum possible FPS i also overclocked my MSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X Trio :
I am using the MSI Afterburner software ( newest version ) which is compatible to any graphics card and does not harm your GPU
( even if you overclock too much it will not destroy your hardware. After a Crash to desktop or Windows Reboot you can reset the settings or correct them )
But as always in such overclocking guides i don´t take any responsibility to any damage on your PC´s hardware. This is just the way i overclocked my GPU ( doesnt have to work on your GPU )

0_1553178038442_MSI Afterburner 01.jpg

0_1553178113770_MSI Afterburner 02.jpg

0_1553178202311_MSI Afterburner 03.jpg

As the GPU Boost is self regulating automatical you will not have a constant Mhz Number of your GPU Core Clock , but for me it´s mostly on maximum 2088 Mhz
( dropping to lowest 1550 Mhz and then rising again to maximum 2088 Mhz )
It´s really dependant of the gaming scene in Insurgency: Sandstorm.
My FPS reach 125 maximum and drop to 62 ( lowest ) when there is too much going on on custom servers with a lot of Bots ( Coop )
My reference custom testserver is : --UK Tactical, High Bot Count--

I don´t use any Water-Cooling in my PC , just regular air cooling ( standard --> 3 ventilators on GPU )
My PC specs are in my signature down below !

Here are screenshots from my regular Game FPS performance :
( On Screen Display of MSI Afterburner showing details of GPU Temperature, Load, Core Clock, Memory Clock, FPS )

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Edit :

  • Control Settings :


After experimenting a little with the FOV i found out that the two boxes have to be checked to achieve a smoother game !

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I would propose one last thing :
Do you have an old, legal copy of Windows 7 ?
Try a parallel installation to your already existing Windows 10 ( you will be asked at each Boot which one you want to start )
I play on Windows 7 and have the impression that the overal game performances are better under Windows 7 ( i might be wrong but it´s worth a try )
By the way do you use a SSD or HD for Windows and Sandstorm ? I really would propose to have an SSD as data transfer rates are sky high with it.

PS : Don´t forget to install a free version of Antivirus ( for example AVAST ) on your Windows 7 installation afterwards, because it has no integrated Security Center / Windows Defender as Windows 10 has. If you just want to play on Windows 7 you normally don´t need an Antivirus program, BUT in cases you forget that you have no safety and start browsing in the internet it will avoid that your system will be infected.

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Bumping this one up as many players still have problems !

I know this is quite an old thread now but is this still fairly accurate, struggling to fond a comprehensive guide as this.