hardcore coop?

the pve modes are on fire I keep finding full matches and everyone loves pve more
how about a hardcore coop ( you can think a different name if you want) (rank coop ?)

each objective got defend for up to 2 minutes
the enemy team uses commander more and between the objectives (smoke altilerry etc )
the last objective should be defend for 4 minutes

what do you think should be added to make it more awesome ?
ps double xp


just go on custom hardcore servers like ours; we have unlimited supply points but the bot numbers and agressiveness make it very hard to take an objective, and I don´t remember having taken and kept the final one once ... :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_cold_sweat:

no xp there though
waste of time

It´s a waste of time to play on regular servers where run and gun gameplay is standard just to gain all the XP and tokens for cosmetic items ( which nobody realy needs ).
One nice set for Security forces and one for Insurgents aprox. cost 6000 tokens and thats all you need.

On custom servers most of the time there are people who want to play with some kind of teamtactics and because of the many bots you are forced to play much slower than on official servers.
I prefer custom servers anytime. Give it a try.

I think this probably comes down to a need for improved AI on co op. I think if we had "smarter" bots to play against then you'd see an increase in difficulty. We don't have that yet, so as GSG_9_LIGHTNING said try custom servers, you'll have a far more rewarding co op experience there.