Bugs, COOP

Posting some of the bugs I have found.

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Sorry for the low resolution. I had to compress from 1080 to 350. I kept getting a "entity too large" error, even when loading one picture at a time at 1080.

10_1553006466090_weapon through a wall.jpg 9_1553006466090_weapon in doorway.jpg 8_1553006466090_weapon 2x scope.jpg 7_1553006466090_reloading animation clipping.jpg 6_1553006466090_prone glitch.jpg 5_1553006466090_player foot clipping.jpg 4_1553006466090_MG arm bug.jpg
the arms of the MG gunner were posed with his arms back 3_1553006466090_hands clipping.jpg 2_1553006466090_flame over head.jpg There was a flame hovering over a players head after spawning into a COOP. The flame never went away during the match. 1_1553006466090_crate glitch.jpg 0_1553006466089_backpack through a wall.jpg Player on the left was halfway into the wall.

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Thank you @Dr-Deep !
I am forwarding all those issues you spotted to the team 😄

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This happened after I jumped through the window behind me. It went away after I switched weapons

0_1553285398816_double weapon clipping.jpg

0_1553285446091_double weapon clipping_2.jpg

0_1553285476440_ghost smoke.png
This smoke continuously comes out of the ground.

0_1553285543090_Flame boy.jpg
This flame followed me around the entire match, regardless if I switched Class, rearmed, etc. The flame sound is audible

0_1553285621651_2x holographic scope_spectating.jpg

2x Holographic scope

0_1553401768703_Missing goggle lens color.png

Missing goggle lens color

1_1553506070344_581320_20190314150017_1_compressed.jpg 0_1553506070344_581320_20190314150013_1_compressed.jpg
This flame bug happens from time to time on custom servers. It follows the player until he is dead.

did you notice as well somtimes the bots dont shoot you? they sircle around you and they do shoot others?