Yet another post asking for replays.

Could you give some insight into if we are getting a replay feature with Aprils competitive scene? really want this game to do well and it's suited to competitive/ casting but atm its impossible and as such many content creators have dropped of or slowed down content massively due to its difficulty as other games just make it so much easier. I also feel this is a factor in the reducing mp player base whilst I think the games fantastic i do notice on other games like tw Warhammer and dow 2 elite mod when people make content there is a surge of players looking to try their strats or just inspired to play more. Dow 2 elite mod is a clear example of a few youtubers keeping the game alive as without this i have no doubt it would have died out by now.

DoW 2 is a barren wasteland. All but the most hardcore players still play that game and i wouldnt say its much. I never see a surge in players because of DoW 2 replays and these guys get 10s of thousands of views which is great. But when i jump in the lobby or check steam charts the game barely breaks into 800 on weekends. WHERE ARE THE PLAYERS?

I do agree though that Coverage could help BFGA 2 out because its still a fairly new game where DOW 2 isnt.

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@canned_f3tus I mean that's kinda my point that still has a competitive scene and you know what 800 on a weekend for a 10-year-old game (has had more player with the new patch as that's the way of things) is really good.

@canned_f3tus also u dont need steam for the game..

@sn1percat well its been pretty bad lately. Like over the past few months we are talkin like 500 peeps. Its great that it still has a competetive scene but its still not looking to sharp anymore and im afraid its gonna wayne eventually.

Before the betas I had posted the question about adding replays several times (not on this forum) and got the impression the developers were never planning to add the feature. A real shame as replays would help extend the longevity of BFGA2. It's probably too difficult to build in and test at this point.

Yes, a replay mode is absolutely crucial to the longevity of a game. Fetus may be bemoaning how weak 500 players on a weekend is but without the replay system there would be 0 players for DoW2.