Upgrades ideas

Giving here some ideas for upgrades
I didn t unlocked all upgrades for all factions yet so some factions will be missing.

IN : (All IN upgrades can be useful so don t know which one to change, perhaps navigationnal shields or the +9k range detection)
Elite crew : Flagship have bravery +25 / 10% faster fire rate / 10% CD reduction on all skills / Exceptionnal accuracy
High Admiral : Flagship and allied ships at 9k range around have 20% CD reduction on stances

SM :
Culexus assassin --> Assault pods : strike cruisers and BBs have +1 boarding charge and 360° arc for boarding
Disruption overcharge --> Sacred ammo : criticals from bombardment cannons also deals +1 troop damage

AM :
Kastellan robots --> In call to arms stances, no debuff to fire rate and shield regen

Chaos : (Encouraging speach renamed to threatening speach / Rally renamed Authority)
Helldrake forges (All line ships instead of bays ships) : any troop damages also deals a 10 moral damages (in addition to all effects)
Daemonic infestation --> Demon lance : lance hitting hull also disable 1 turret for 5 secs

Drukhari : (Encouraging speach renamed to threatening speach / Rally renamed Authority)
Void predator : Ordnances have stealth (so visible only at 4.5k range of ships)
Torture chamber : Threatening speach / Authority gives an additionnal + 100 moral

Necrons : Living metal substructure --> Doom scythes squadrons regen 1 charge every 120 secs

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Id Rather see Demonic infestation apply boardings by Tonnage and balance it around that.

demon lance disabeling only 1 turret for 5 seconds isnt enough imo Its also really hard to combo that cause you have to time your lances focused fire on 1 ship. Just to shut down 5 turrets.

perhaps I wasn t clear but it is 1 turret/shot so a basic chaos lance battery can disable 4 turrets (2 guns/2 shots each), the idea is to allow quicker offensive moves with carriers (all Chaos carriers have lances either in batteries or in turrets) than start to spam fighters until all enemy turrets are gone. Also it can give viability to a lance/carrier fleet with Acheron + Styx
Also I don t like upgrades that revolves around suiciding ships.

Anyway thats just ideas

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@beernchips Well I find the idea behind demonic infestation good and in tune with chaos lore. It just needs to put Tonnage in consideration for it to be useful for some fleets cause applying mass assault actions on everything in ID range can amount to alot of crits.

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yea i love daemonic infestation as an upgrade
if it needs a buff it would be by increasing the boarding by ship tonnage

I’d like to see Khorne passive change troop quality to good from average, call to arms can really kick you in the shins if you roll a 1 and get it completely mitigated if your using actives on boarding.

All the other changes you suggest look interesting especially castellen robots.

Not sure how to Handle Warp Powered perk. Its Range is very short. Most of the Chaos perks in general only go with brawly fleet set ups. So i would either increase Warp Powered Range to 9k Or make it benifit Lances by increasing Chance of Fires to ramp up Damage Potential of Lances for both Carrier and dedicated Lance fleets.

Also Does Demonic Ritual Buff the troop count on all ships close to the flag ship? The tool tip is a bit confusing.

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