Click registration issues in multiplayer

I am having some serious issues with my weapons 'malfunctioning' in multiplayer:

  1. If I have my gun set to full auto and I hold the trigger down it may fire any number of bullets before stopping for no reason (ammo remains in the magazine). This issue has led to many, many, frustrating deaths.

  2. The weapon may simply fail to fire entirely when it is loaded and I click the mouse.

  3. On semi-automatic the weapon may fire 2-4 time for a single click.

These issue are definitely tied to playing over the internet because they are non-existent in local play. I will say that I have been having other issues with the network that more than likely are on my end such as lag and disconnections. It often takes 2 minutes for the server browser to become populated with servers even though I can quickly connect via matchmaking.

Is there any way to resolve any of these issues or are they at least known to be an ongoing after the most recent patch?


Hey buddy, the problems with the trigger sound weird to me, never had that before. Neither in full auto nor in semi auto mode.
I assume that it might be something with your internet connection.
May be a data package loss ( lag ) or just a hardware error on your mousebutton ?

Does it happen permanently on every server ?
Perhaps the servers you play on have that problem because the latency is too high ( did you choose the closest region ? )
What ping ( latency ) do you have to these servers where that problem happens ?

The problem with your server browser taking two minutes to show any servers ... i had that problem too !
It is Steam related and i solved that :

  1. Close your Insurgency:Sandstorm game and return to Desktop
  2. Open Steam Main window and open Settings ( first Tab on the top left --> Steam ---> Select Settings in the drop down menu )
  3. Now click on the left side --> In Game ( 3rd from top )
  4. There you can click on the pull down menu below --> Serverbrowser: max. Pings per Minute and then click on --> Automatic ( 3000 )
  5. Click on OK

To be sure that the settings are applied restart Steam and then restart your Insurgency:Sandstorm
Now it should fill your server browser within 5-10 seconds ( at least it worked for me )

I had a lower setting before ( i think it was 250 or 500 ) and it really took very long for the servers to be listed.
I hope this helps you too 😉

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Hey thanks for the suggestions GSG_9_LIGHTNING! I did what you suggested and increased the ping count in steam. The server browser now becomes populated but only seems to be able to find servers with 0-2 people in them. My ping is consistently higher than I would like for my region (US-WEST, ~150ms) but I basically get that orange or red connection interrupt indicator most games. I am having some issues with packet loss in Rising Storm 2 as well. I will look into fixing that later on today. Thanks again.