I been experimenting with this perk. It is best used with infidels or iconoclasts and i jokingly named my build for this "Heretical Torpedoes". It seems to do really well vs factions with low Troop Count like eldar and mechanicus maybe even tau. but not so good vs SM Nids and orks. The whole idea is to find the highest concentration of enemy ships in a blob and use your Escorts like Boarding torpedos on steroids. 8 Escorts will destribute 8 boarding actions amongst the entire fleet. That is pretty huge and can really do a number. After your escorts expire you run in with carnagers or slaughters and mop up whats left and continue boarding. Have had mixed success but its a fun little build. The only problem i have with demonic infestation that its a one trick pony perk. I think it needs to do some additional effects or a tweak for it to see any wider use. In its current state it is to weak to use in a serious fleet cause it relies on your ships to die to have any effect and is only good with fodder ships. Perhaps the perk should take tonnage into consideration. Escort 1 boarding action, Light Cruisers 2 Boarding Action, Cruisers 3 Boarding Actions on Death etc.

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