BFGA has connection issues and wierd Crashes with mass RAM?

Ever since i crashed 8 Infidels into a space marine strike cruiser I got the Fatal Crash and now i cant get a game because when i search and find a game i get disconnected? Did i pown that strike cruiser too hard?

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Do you mean you're now crashing the same way as the first time? Or are you getting disconnected and moved to the main menu?

They were seperate. Rebooting the computer fixed the problem.

Great, glad to hear it 🙂

@jellyfoosh UUUUH.... There seems to be something wrong with Space Marines and a crap ton of Frigs engaging strike cruisers in a ram. It keeps crashing and i had the same issue again. I think if you guys do some experimenting it seems to be pretty easy to replicate. I had 8 infidels. i targeted a single strike cruiser and went for a Ram and poof Fatal crash error. Happened today and yesterday. It might happen when there is massive ship loss within a short period of time.

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