Does Waagh's increased crit apply to Assault Boats?

I've been playing a lot with an Ork carrier fleet, and it seems like the Waaagh skill maybe does not apply to things like assault boats or even Shokk-Attack Mega Cannon? It might only be applying to Boarding Actions and Lightning strikes, because that's the only time I feel like I'm seeing a noticeable difference in the amount of boarding crits I'm getting. The tooltip for Waaagh definitely makes it sounds like it would work with things other than Lightning Strike and boarding action, but I've learned the tooltips in this game can be really deceiving. If anyone knows exactly how this ability works, I'd appreciate an explanation.

I was using waagh the past few days, I saw ticks of two damage on my boarding actions, which in fact it should be 100% 3 damage, so not sure whats going on with that ability.

@nin6 I believe it says it increases the crit chance by 100%, not to 100%. I think it just makes their crits twice as likely. It's 10% by default, for Lighting Strikes and Boarding Actions anyway.

tested it
it does work for assault boats making their crit rate 20%
but its double the crit chance not 100% crit chance

@ashardalon Thanks for testing! How did you figure it out?

the tooltip in game updates
orks usually have crit rate of 10%
while waaaagh is on the tooltip reads 20% both on assault boats like it does on other boarding

what im not sure about is if the critrate is changed from when its launched, when it arrives or when its resolved
no real way to figure that out as its just a 10% difference

@ashardalon Oh nice, I had no idea their tooltips were dynamic like that (in a game at least).