Best steps to start game

Hi guys, I’m starting for the first time the game, I will start from tutorials.
For a good approach I think to start challenges instead of single player.
Do you think is a good start?


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Game, being quite sandboxy, do not have a bad or good start or way to play.
On the other hand, if you are fresh unspoiled soul, take challenges as an advanced tutorial and go for it 🙂

Thanks! Ok I will start challenges first 🙂

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I agree, the challenges introduces you to different situations and how the game works. In one your mountain climbing in a 4X4 jeep, then your using a 2WD semi, and assuming you have the DLC you also do some swap logging with the Forwarder. It's a great way to get to know the game. And you need to complete them anyway for 100% completion, so you may as well start with them.

Very good to know thank you so much 🙂

Definitely agree with doing challenges first. Of course if you get stuck on one or two, don't let that stop you.

Completing the challenges give you tips on certain aspects of the game, the UI, things you can and can't do.

I remember when I first started that I didn't know certain features existed until I completed the challenges.

I'm actually a big fan of Focus adding significantly more challenges for MR2. Eg lets say with have a set of basic challenges for the game overall, but also map specific ones. So much effort is gone into map development and loads of people just burn through lot delivery and say 'completed. boring'. Having a set of challenges similar to 'visit grandma' in MR1 would allow player to experience part of the map they may otherwise have totally ignored and increase the overall 'playable lifetime' of each map. It's also quite easy to delivery more challenges dynamically once the game is released.

@zoglet i agree! Now I’m started from the first challenge and I have already found some tips to do, using the rear gear with a long truck is not easy 😂

Now I’m in the secondo challenge, exited to continue to play this great game!
I hope for MR2 with other experience in the game.

Hey man, I saw your other post on gears also. It obviously goes on a lot so I won;t go into a lot of detail you now probably understand but a piece of advice I would also personally give, depending on the kind of player you are, is to actually start playing in Hardcore mode.

I think learning to use the gearbox is a bit annoying at first but it really doesn't take that long. Once you have figured it out, the level of control you have in the nasty terrain is much much better. Also for things like crawling downhill.

I also like the fact that you can work towards that single red star on the side of your cabin 😉

One of my real complaints with MudRunner is that it's over too soon lol.

For that reason, I very quickly switched to hardcore mode and then tried to complete each map from the beginning with only one star, first setting myself the challenge of unlocking all watchpoints and garages, then unlocking all vehicles on the map and returning them to a base to reconfigure if necessary, then actually setting myself up to complete the log delivery challenge.

Yes, this would mean that a map might take a few hours, even sessions, to complete but hey, isn't that the point?

Anyway, however you choose to play the game, that's up to you and part of the fun of MudRunner.

The best way to find out is to get out there and get muddy!

Enjoy and all the best 🙂

PS (Loved the 3D BKT video on your webpage by the way 👍 )

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@zoglet thanks for your tips! Very useful! I’m started today to play MD and I love it a lot!
I like so much to play slowly the game and already finished my first two challenge.
Mi favorite features now is the “reduced gear” because I’m playing with Nintendo Switch and I like to use the right lower button for accelerate and change to the rear gear for go back instead to use automatic gear with right lower button for accelerate and left lower button for the brake/rear gear.
I’m now a pro :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_cold_sweat:

About to start a hard mode, sure I will start the single player with a this mode because I love to drive on night and I want to play with max simulation as possible.

“Thanks for watching our BKT cgi video 🙂 it was a very hard job believe me”

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Happy to help, and nice to hear you are enjoying the game too. I remember how much I enjoyed the whole game experience when I first bought it and started playing. It's nice to hear somebody else at that same place, I'm a little jealous to be honest 😉

I just wish it wasn't over so quickly. Maybe something Focus will look at improving for MR2, I really hope so.

@zoglet I can’t wait to know about MD2! I love the MD1 as is so I can’t imagine what Will be created into MD2 🙂