Yo devs!?!? Ask yourselves this question.
Why no more than 2300'ish players, WORLDWIDE are playing your game.

Because all you are concerned about is one aspect of this game. 'Game performance'. But what yall are failing to realize is WE NEED NEW CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your game is getting stale. Otherwise you would have more people playing this. 2300 players Worldwide is pathetic. Literally, pathetic.
BTW, I have 500hrs and level 205

For when the new maps? We have a few months with six maps and the game needs more maps or the players will end up abandoning it due to fatigue ...


NAHH , THE GAME ALREADY IS VEEERY SMOOOOTH and runs perfect at 80-110 FPS, at least for me ๐Ÿ˜‰
The only exeption is when the bot count is too high, then the fps drop to mid 40ยดs.

We definatly need new content yes ! New maps ( official and custom ones ) and mods too ! Only this will keep the game alive !
Please NWI allow the damn custom Map building. The talented community members will do the rest !

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The devs at NWI definitely know there's a strong need for new content, especially in the form of new maps. If NWI made any mistake here it was in undervaluing how difficult a process it would be to create this game in UE4, and thus gave us unrealistic release date options, releasing the game essentially in Beta mode. My best guess is that they will keep optimizing and releasing new content and will likely do a major update and marketing push once the console version is ready.

It needs both new content, and fixes.

Only doing one without the other would not be sufficient.

My view has been that adding cosmetics and guns isn't really changing the experience very much, so I hope that the new content skews towards more maps and features which make the experience fun and exciting.

As far as people getting burnt out, all the content in the world isn't going to help while we still have a huge portion of the community experiencing subpar performance and glitches.

Especially when any complaints about these issues are met with "well it's good for me" from other players, and silence from the devs.

Well, the devs have responded and dedicated all of March to optimization and have put out 3 updates already.

When will custom maps be open to the community? The ability to mod the game is what made the first Insurgency so great and kept people playing it for so long.

I remember before beta release, Devs said "we will be keeping Sandstorm open fully to modding just like the original Insurgency". Once this happens things will take off!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Please open it up to modding!