Ability to join friend mid game

I really wish i could join friends mid game instead if possible.

I found a way to join a friends game ( works only on custom servers ! ) :

    • Start Steam Friends and switch to ONLINE status ( NOT invisible ! )
    • Start the game Sandstorm:Insurgency and select PLAY then select BROWSE SERVER ( on the very bottom of COOP or VERSUS )
    • Press the keys Alt ( and ) Tab ( same time ) on your keyboard to switch to the desktop
    • Double klick on your Steam Icon in the task bar ( right bottom of your monitor ) to open the steam main window
    • On the top left Steam window : click on the second Tab from left ( SHOW ) and choose SERVER from the drop down menu
    • A new window opens now...click on the Tab on the very right FRIENDS ( now you can see all the servers where your friends are playing )
    • Right click with your mouse on the selected server and choose from the drop down menu ( SHOW SERVER INFORMATION )
    • Mark the shown IP Adress ( second line from top ) then right-click on the marked line and select COPY in the drop down menu
    • Now left-click on the Insurgency Icon on your task bar ( bottom ) and you are back in the server browser of Sandstom, there is a box named CONNECT TO IP on the left bottom, right-click on it and then select PASTE from the drop down menu.
    • now ( final step ) click on the little arrow ( which is right of that little box ) , then a new window opens : type in the needed passwort or just click on OK ( if there is no password protection on that server ) and voila your game connects to the same server of your friend 😉

All these steps take some time but this is the one and only way i found, how to follow friends who are playing on custom servers.
Anyone else a better / easier solution ?

Please NWI , add an easier possibility to follow friends ( i already posted about the server browser optimization here : https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/36653/server-browser-needs-improvements )

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