[SUGGESTION] Rainy or stormy map!

It would be awesome to combat under a very stormy condition in some map!

Something like that:

Youtube Video

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Hello @Shadoware
Well that's A LOT OF RAIN 😨
Thank you for the suggestion, I will forward it to the team.

I second that!
Plus, I do miss the snow maps from Ins:2!
In general, while I love every single one of the current 6 maps, I desperately want more variety. We need greener maps, we need dustier maps, we need wetter maps etc. etc. And by the way: where is the eponymous "sandstorm"? Do you think the enginge could handle weather effects like that? (Of course, I am thinking Battlefield 1 and 5 right here.)

I'd love to see different weather and times of day in some maps. What would be cooler would be if weather and time of day was randomly selected on every map when you joined a game.