Some Bugs In [REDACTED]

Youtube Video


-> You can actually release the lever on a frag grenade before you take out the pin, which is impossible IRL. It's not just an audio bug (as I said in the video). Also, double-tapping the mouse key can cause this bug to occur.

-> If you look down while moving when prone, there's a different set of animations, but there are quite a few bugs (with the M4A1 and L106A1 in the video). Also, the knife actually goes through the ground, as well as your hand, if you look down while prone and not moving.

-> You can still resupply for extra rockets even though that's been supposedly fixed for months. Fixed with the Heavy Carrier allowing for three rockets. However, you can tap-resupply for an extra rocket (for a total of two) with a Light Carrier and without a carrier at all.

-> Attempting to fire an empty rocket launcher will make you switch weapons, even if you can reload it with another rocket.

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Hello @MarksmanMax,

Thank you for reporting those issues! Some are already known and we are actively working on it.
I will forward your post to the team. Thank you again for your report, it really helps us out 😃
Have a great one!

@raibi Hey, no problem, man! Happy to help out lmao.

Gonna bump again, actually. For the frag grenade bug, you can actually pull the pin and release the lever with the same mouse key if you like, double-tap it or something.

Welp, gotta bump this again as these bugs are all still in-game. I edited the OP to show the bugs in the 1.14 version.