Quality-of-life UI Improvements

In general, the UI is pretty solid. There's still a couple of things that bug me, though.

  1. Explosives still aren't in the correct order. They're in the reverse order from what you selected.
  2. It's not very forgiving if you changed around some keybinds.

Let me explain with a couple of pictures.

So, this is my loadout currently (this doesn't show the knife):


I also changed around some weapon keybinds to be more like Day of Infamy.

  1. Primary
  2. Secondary
  3. Knife
  4. Explosives
  5. Binoculars

However, the in-game UI doesn't actually reflect my keybind changes, and still has my weapons in the same order as the default:


So, it looks like I'd have to hit 3 for Explosives, 4 for Binocs, and 5 for the knife, even those aren't the correct binds at all.

Also, my RPG-7 is now underneath my frag grenade, even though the RPG-7 was the first explosive I selected.


Ah, a common problem for some people. You have to look aaall the way to the right of the screen and you can see the numbers actually match your chosen input. So the numbers located on the right side of the picture of the loadout reflect the numbers you have customized. I hope this helps=)

@pacalis I mean, no shit lmao, but it still doesn't really make sense as to why they'd order it that way.

Looking at 1/2/4/4/5/3 and trying to actually read what buttons go to what items during combat isn't very practical.

Depends on what u mean by making sense, we both understand it as it is=)

@pacalis said in Quality-of-life UI Improvements:

Depends on what u mean by making sense, we both understand it as it is=)

I say "Quality-of-life" because while it technically makes sense, it's not very user-friendly.