Please fix backcapping in push, it's a cheesy strat with little to no counterplay and it's becoming one of the most prevelant and certainly the most effective strat for winning push.

just wait on the next point and get a free kill lmao

Easy solution: don't lose A.

There are other things you can do to counter it, but that's the most obvious.

Why ask the developers to change the game when you can just adapt to the strat and defeat it? The loose group of folks I play with never gets back-capped...and it's not an accident.

@skillet He might've been in a game where me and a group of like seven other guys backcapped Bravo, Charlie and Delta right after we capped Alpha. If even one guy had gone to Bravo before we capped A, it would've failed.

Honestly, repeat backcapping is actually tricky without a group of friends in a Discord server or something.

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@marksmanmax And each objective in the back-cap chain adds to the embarrassment of losing the first one