Reporting a few minor bugs and annoyances.

Minor Bugs:

  • Spectating someone with a gas mask on, switching to third person the blur effect stays on.
  • Can not knife when sprinting. (Hitting the fire key should instantly knife, instead you have to stop sprinting and then hit fire for it to work.)
  • Bipod deployment is too picky and rarely works
  • Putting on the gas mask in a truck your hands still show on the wheel during the animation
  • As commander you can call in arty in the pre-game and it will fall after the game starts (It does still take away one use of that commander call in though)
  • Vehicle driving feels laggy/stuttery

Opinions after playing for a while:
Ive been playing Ins on and off since the original source mod and I love this game however some things bug me.

  • Reloads feel overly slow (I know you guys want the tactical feel but still)
  • Movement feels not grippy enough kinda icy slidey (Maybe you guys are trying to prevent A/D spam but it feels bad to move around)
  • There is no visual indicator for what type of mag I have in my magazine queue if I pick up a drum or extended mag etc
  • When using the binoculars, smoke blocks calling down indirect fire which makes it so you cant use it when in smoke.
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@mad_jihad Some good shit here. Didn't know about calling in artillery pre-game. Seems possibly broken.

I've complained about the ice-skating movement for quite a while now.

Reloads seems aight for me, except for bolt-action rifles which are way too slow. Also, bolting said rifles is terribly slow, even with a Greased Bolt (on the Mosin, anyway).

Smoke blocking Commander call-ins is actually intentional (as you can't see where you're calling arty at).

I agree with you about the Bipod deployment. They need to work out the issues with it and give it more versatility. For example, why can't I deploy my Bipod on a bus's drivers seat but I can deploy it on a hand rail, which by the way would not give good support to shooting and would slip off after the first shot.

Hey all,

Thanks for sharing this list with us. I'll pass it on to the team.