My team and I were being sniped by an amazing AI Marksman, skilled with a Mosin-Nagant. We had lost the round due to that Mosin actually. I had decided that the first Mosin I find, I would use to exact vengeance upon the Insurgent Forces. I had such faith that revenge was the path that I only packed my trusty M1911. I took down an Insurgent Marksman between Alpha and Bravo, and acquired a Mosin to begin my vengeance spree. I used up the five shots I had and swapped to my side arm until we had cleared Bravo to access the supply crate. In the mean time, I found another Mosin, and I intended to salvage ammo but it would not allow me to do so. I had to drop the current Mosin take the new Mosin if I wanted ammo. I had grown quite fond of Moses (my Mosin) and refused to switch. I survived the Insurgent counter-strike with Emmy (my M1911) and booked it to the ammo crate. I stocked up on ammo instead of resupplying. I could carry 35 rounds of ammunition, 40 in all. However, Moses wasn't reloading! The animations would show that I was reloading but I wouldn't be able to fire and I wouldn't be running out of ammo as the amount never dropped. I was just infinitely reloading but never reloading. I never got to use Moses, but Emmy pulled me through the whole battle so I could bring Moses home in the hopes that in the future, Moses can get his fair share of vengeance. Thanks for listening.

On the side, I noticed that people don't carry their weapons on their backs like they did in the first one. Perhaps that could be brought back? It was helpful in the immersive aspect of the game and I quite enjoyed it.