Blood pools oversized?

So am I the only one that thinks the blood pools are a little ridiculous? I don't think they were always as big as they are now, and I think they look very exaggerated. I think it would look a lot more natural if they were ~50% of the size they are now.
Not a big deal, just something that really irritates me since I got back into the game.

What do you think?


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well you have 5-6 litres of blood in you. Take 300-500ml glass of milk and spil it on floor πŸ™‚ ... of course it would depend on where and how many times you were hit and on the surface you are on but it doesnt seems to be exaggerated to me .. you can argue about how fast it gets out but nobody is gonna watch ingame dead body for minute as it bleeds out πŸ™‚ just pretend there is artery being hit πŸ˜‰

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In real life, blood pooling on the ground is going to vary considerably depending on where someone is hit, what they're wearing, how they fall, and how mobile they were before they fell. But, in a very general sense, the blood pool size is not at all unreasonable for someone who has lost enough blood to have died or lost consciousness.

Well if you shoot the head the blood pool is alot more smaller. goes the same for the arms, legs aswell. blood pools are now created in the area which the person was shot with the last bullet. Which means if you shoot the head you get the pool coming from the head.

From the latest patch notes:


@46 Jesus Christ thank god now the game isn’t ruined anymore!