Insurgency Sandstorm Stuttering

The Game Is Stuttering Very Much when in combat with enemy or in front/direct contact with friends player or enemy

It would be really really helpfull if you not just only posted that you have a stuttering game , but also gave us general information about your PC specs too.
Without having any kind of information what your PC is capable of it is nearly impossible to give you a helpful answer.
I am sure that developers and other community members ( like me ) are willing to help people who have serious poblems with the game but we need detailed information about hardware and software :

  • CPU ( Main Processor model )
  • GPU ( Graphics Card model )
  • Mainboard
  • Soundcard ( Onboard or external Model )
  • Amount of RAM ( and additionally what type of RAM )
  • Harddrive ( SSD or HDD ? Model )
  • Monitor resolution while playing the game
  • Operating System ( Windows 7 / 8 / 10 ? )
  • Internet connection type and Speed ( for example DSL 100 Mbits/s )

You see there are a lot of information necessary to analyze your problem.

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When they release 1.1 it was great, better optimization with a lot less freezes.
Then 1.1.1 & 1.1.2 scope stutters/freezes came back... Also in the menu i was able to run 100fps and now 60fps...weird.

Sometimes I got huge drops 80-100fps to 40-50fps. I hope u guys can bring the opti back.

-i7 2600k 4.2ghz
-gtx970 (driver 418.91)
-asus p8p67 pro 3.1
-soundcard integrated realtek myballz blabla...
-8go ddr3
-game installed on SSD samsung
-res 1920x1080
-DSL 10mo/s

what are you doing guys?! With the first big patch I've noticed a notable performance increase but with these 2 last "little" patches things are going strange. Looks like some little stutters are fixed now but the general performance now is crap, simply after some time playing or during intense firefights fps drops below 30!!! ridiculous...the "solution" to make the game playable is turn down textures for medium or low settings and texture streaming off, come on fix the game, love insurgency, stream insurgency almost everyday but this is pissing off the community!

ryzen 2700x
gtx 1070ti
msi x470 gaming m7
onboard sound
16gb 3600mhz ram
resolution 2560x1080 (21:9)
windows 10
dsl 60mbps

Some people reported that deleting the folder :
C:\Users\ ---yourPC´s name-- \AppData\Local\Insurgency\Saved\Config\WindowsClient
helped to make the game smooth again.
This folder is a hidden file so you have to change the standard folder settings in your windows explorer to be able to see the files.
( change to --> show hidden files )

Don´t forget to make a backup of this Folder BEFORE you delete it , so you can restore it in case it doesn´t help !!!

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