how do you play dark eldar?

I thought it might be nice for people who want to play the faction and have no clue how to make them work (like me) to have a post where someone (not me) tells em how to do it. cuz yeah, they are hard. so feel free to post some tips or fleet builds or copy something from another post if someone already made a post about it.

they play pretty simple: use point-blank torpedos with reload + kin-crewed buffed macros to focus fire ships down (the 2nd upgrade depends on the other fleet, but AP ammo is always good). you probably want the torpedo battleship to be more crit-resistant (I have not done a price analysis after the last patch). use all of your ships for focus firing (including escorts) and against most fleets take either stasis bomb or dark matter cannon to delay concentrated focus-firing from the other fleet (imo stasis bomb is a bit better, because it is an effective protection against macros) and the 75 front armor skill to have more sustain until your second torpedos salvo is ready (btw, at the moment it works for ramming too).

use your stealth mostly to get a good initial engagement, don't try to retreat to restealth. most of the time you will only suffer damage without dealing any. morale loss is a bigger problem for you than receiving crits, don't waste your order on emergency repair.

Yeah, DE are basicly the most all in of all factions. Engage when you think it is best, use everything to deal damages, don t bother survive or retreat and hope it will be enough

I find Dark Eldar Ships do alot of Ranged Damage to crew and morale. I seen one guy just slowly wittle away at my crew and morale HP while playing it safe. But it takes forever and doesnt leave for favorable out come cause you cant really harrass and cap at the same time with that and i was playing chaos so its probably alot harder to do against other factions.