Terrible Multiplayer.

I've decided that the inability to choose different fleets depending on your randomly chosen opponents faction makes multiplayer rubbish. It's luck of the draw.

Stripping out game modes removed variety from the 1st one. Missed a tricked on wider subfaction specialities.

MWJ is op so rewards the grind like the pay to win sector.

Singleplayer got boring after the champions mission as a lack of narrative.

149 hours played so got my money's worth but was a grinding bore most of the time, no lobbies for community engagement, no replays, single player AI was bad and the story wasn't as engaging as first time round.

Uninstalled with regret.

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the inability to choose different fleets in is just something people are gonna have to deal with when it comes to RTT games. This isnt an RTS and you start with a costumized roster. Thats why Tindalos needs to work on making more ships viable so people can build a more flexible roster to avoid Being absolutly hard countered.


If balance was on point then being hard countered would not be a thing. Neither opponent would have an advantage over the other. You’d just simply have the opportunity to make a fleet based off of what your against rather going in with a feeling of Rock Paper Scissors when you hit ranked 1v1 and that’s certainly the feeling I get. I don’t think you can logically balance twelve factions - or at least not easily. If you change the way certain things work for one matchup it will interfere with another matchup.

@nin6 oh yeah absolutly. Tindalos will be really lucky if they can achieve even reasonable balance with 12 factions. This will take them a long time.I dont like rock paper scizzors either when it comes to how the factions feel. buffing weaker ships would go a long way imo.

Soooo.... what you're saying is you want the ability to hard counter pick people rather than adapting to different races sounds fair??
Most races/ fleets can fight each other each is op in their own way and whilst one might have a slight advantage over another that is the nature of asymmetric gameplay and I would not change that for anything.