Insurgent's Chemical mortars needs a buff

Having played commander for both sides i feel that the Insurgent's chemical mortars could be a little more deadly.

The chemical cloud itself should cause more damage.

It spread out a bit further when it settles on the ground.

Most importantly fall to the ground even if the targeted area is too high. Gravity affects us all.


I definitely die to chemical mortars less often than any other fire support. I think the amount of damage is fine, it'll kill you pretty quick if you're in it, the clouds just need to have a greater effect.

In addition to your suggestions, they also need to penetrate buildings. Being able to stay completely safe by walking through an open door is silly.

I'm happy to concede on the damage increase, the ability to spread and penetrate buildings would be a good addition. This would make it quite an effective support.

I have to say, the chemical mortars definitely fail to impress as of now. They don't really cover that much area to begin with and even within that area, their spread is inconsistent.

They are, hands down, the least threatening support in the game by a large margin.

I do agree that chemical mortars need a buff by making them effective indoors. A lot of times I will find myself in a cloud of yellow smoke and not taking any damage because I’m in a building. However, buffing them could be a mistake as everyone would feel forced to bring a mask, effectively making gas mortars useless and leaving everyone with one less supply point. My solution would be to either restrict gas masks to certain classes, or add a small cache at/near every objective where the security team can pick one up.