24h ban for leaving after match

Really once again guys? its annoying. alt text

and next friend xDD alt text

He was waiting for menu. Good job devs

Yes that was My Ban, really i have crash for start the game i come back befor the start first round i play to the end and wait for final screen scorboard. Then friend start searching game and say someone have ban. This BAN i have for nothing how i can inviting new friends for game if u make only problems?? I never leave the game alone. If u have crashes why u add this option in game better first FIX problem with lobby and connection to server then next add option for BAN!!!

Why I have BAN for nothing i not leave the game i paly to the end waiting for final screen scoreboard, and u make me BAN for 24h? How???!!!

For what i pay if u not giving the easy anser for easy quastion? How it is if i pay for game want play and i cannot play because i have BAN for nothing????