[Suggestion] Add a 2D main menu

I'm playing Insurgency with a laptop, and as you know, the cooling system of a laptop isn't as good as the one of a desktop computer. Maybe it's even worse on my laptop so that sometimes the overheat protection(maybe something else so I shouldn't blame on the cooling system) shut down my computer after about 2 games of this game(it's random
sometimes I can play it for a long time and some times it even occurred even when I'm playing Insurgency Source). The laptop even continues to heat up in the main menu. I think a 2D main menu will help a lot to give my laptop some time to rest. Besides, The only purpose I can find for a 3D main menu so far I can found is to display the character, which is only mattered when we are customizing it.

The main menu is already locked to maximum 60 FPS !
My GPU is working with 61 % and my CPU with maximum of 17 % so that has been reworked shortly.
So the components should not produce too much heat in the main menu any longer.

If your laptop crashes more often then you definatly should think about bringing your laptop to a good PC store and get it cleaned inside ( air ventilation ) there might be a lot of dust which supports heating up. After professional cleaning it should be stable again.

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