Suggestions for new weapons for the game.


HK MK23, (Security)
HK USP Tactical, (Security)
HK P8/USP (Security)
FN FNX 45 (Security)
IMI Desert Eagle Mark VII (just for fun) (Insurgents)
IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX (Security)

because they are cool and would fit perfect in this setting, besides that I think we need more handguns.


FAMAS G2 (Security)
Steyr Aug A1 (Security)
IMI TAR-21 (Security)
IMI Galil (Insurgents)
IMI Galil SAR (Security)
IMI Galil ACE (Security)
SG 553 (Insurgents)
STG44/MP44 (Insurgents)


MP5k (Security)
MP5A3 with the cool Light-attachment handguard (Security)
MAC-10/11 (Insurgents)
Tec-9 (Insurgents)
MP40 (Insurgents)
Sterling (Securitiy)
B&T MP9 (Security)
HK UMP (Security)
SIG MPX (Security)


M60 (Security)
MG34 (Insurgents)
MG42 (Insurgents)


M82A1 Barrett (Security)
M107 Barrett (Security)
M110 (Security)
HK G28 (Security)
L96 / G22 (Security)
HK PSG-1 (Security)

I think those guns would be a good addition to the game.

@eltadashi Mikee has already confirmed that the Desert Eagle won't be getting added.

@MarksmanMax Well, hopefully I have a better chance with other weapons on my list.

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@eltadashi I would say there's a good chance the Galil's will get in-game, though.

I'd say devs have pretty good idea on what guns would fit in the game but it also depends on licenses they can obtain ...