As a semi-competitive player (tryhard, sweat in other words), i want to have a nice, well balanced match for a session of ~2 hours. This is how i achieve this in the old Insu and DOI: i filter PUSH EU, with minimum 20p servers, i join the one with most players, best ping and the map i want, then i play a round or two, if teamates are imbicyls, or do not wanna play the objectives, troll, etc, i join other server in the same manner as explained above, i repeat this until i find nice teamates, balance between teams and then i have a blast! One of the best FPS experience you can get online, yet in Sandstorm i can NOT do this, i am FORCED to play with terrible teamates, unbalanced teams and usually the same map again and again... The worst thing is even if i re-join, i am FORCED into the same server... again... and again... and again... So what are my actual options according to devs? To play in ONE AND ONLY server i am forced to play in, or just quit the game, all options, seriously? Why you sabotage your own game if joining games works PERFECTLY in your previous titles? Also you removed map vote, kick vote, do you actually think that REMOVING features = better experience? P.S. this is not a hate from my side, this is DESPERATION, because i love the game itself, but i HATE joining design with passion, to the level i start making threads like this.

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Hi there @Viktorianas
Thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated!

@Viktorianas, I suspect this is more to do with challenges of server browsing using UE4 in combination with the team rushing to release the title sooner than later. I've been playing Squad for years for example and it seems it took the developers eons to implement the simplest server browser options in a halfway decent manner.

I do think it was a huge mistake to implement auto-matching without giving us the players a baseline choice. The other day I got the same map 3 times in a row and 4 out of 5 times. I do think if something isn't done to fix this it will lead to consistent player drop.

@aslan14 well you would be right if... there were no server browser at all, but there is a working server browser already implemented, yet they choose to HIDE OFFICIAL SERVERS.

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