Community Update 13/03/19

Hello Mudrunners,

It’s been two weeks since we opened the community survey to get to know you all a little better! We didn’t expect such a huge amount of responses, so we’re really thankful for your continuous support and feedback. As was said previously, the survey closes today.

We’d like to take this opportunity to share some interesting results with you. Here they come!

Community’s favorite map goes to… Downhill!

With your special landform, the community enjoys the challenging aspects you provide! Kudos Downhill!

Community’s favorite challenge goes to… Climb a hill!

Finding a rideable path among rocks is not easy. Climbing it can be even harder! You need to control your wheels expertly while observing the environment! And of course, don’t forget to pay attention to your logs! Bravo to those who overcame the obstacles, and congratulations to Climb a hill! You deserve this prize!

Next, let’s discuss some other interesting results.

According to the responses we’ve received over the past two weeks, we got some interesting statistics! Here you go!

Most of you have:

  • unlocked 60% of the trophies,
  • completed 6 Normal maps, including 4 with 1 star,
  • completed 5 Hardcore maps, including 3 with 1 star,
  • completed 6 challenges, including 5 with 100% objective bonus!

We have to say it - you guys rock!

Finally, we’ve also got some informative results here!

Most of you play:

  • on PC,
  • over 25 hours,
  • normal and harcore game modes, and
  • other driving simulator and race games.

What do you think of community’s favorite map and challenge? Was it expected, or a complete surprise? Let us know in the replies!

Please keep in mind that the purpose of this survey wasn't related to Mudrunner 2 features, but rather to know all of you a little better, for the benefit of the overall MudRunner experience, franchise, and future!

See you in April as we preview MudRunner 2 to the press in the Focus Home’s yearly press event “What’s Next”. Stay tuned!

The MudRunner Team

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Nice can't wait till April!!!

I would be more interested in other results of the survey, especially what people's favorite or least favorite features are and what additions they would most like to see.

BTW, regarding the favorite map, I think I also voted for Downhill as my favorite, but that's considering only the official maps. For us PC players there are so many nice and far more difficult maps in the workshop which make the official maps seem like a walk in the park. Think 6 or 7 lumber mills scattered across a large map with varying and difficult terrain, that's what I have in mind, and that's all I play lately.

gl on mr2 reveal boys cant wait, lets hope it meets everyones expectations!

@unster sounds fun. I play on console and downhill was my favorite. Great trails and lumber locations just wish it had the American wilds graphics. BTW I hope either in MR2 we have the American wilds graphics or better cuz when I go back to the og maps it looks so depressing. BUT LETS GOOO!!!!! Can't wait till April!!!

@jayson I agree the russian-style maps don't have enough color. The American maps maybe have a little too much, but it's OK. My solution is to switch the color settings on my monitor when playing a russian map. I wish I didn't have to though!

@unster yeah same for me i voted downhill since it was most enjoyable and fun at the same time from stocks, but damn i could name many more from workshop highwater, longfall, last chance, la luna maps and many more

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@unster that's a good Idea I'll try that

I'm not interested in your new game, Or your survey! You guys ripped off console games! Mudrunner is 10% of the game it actually is on consoles compared to PC. Between buying it new and your expansion I'm out 50$. Minecraft was a free game years ago on the previous gen console and I've got 15x the play time in it then this. I hope you plan on making muddrunner 2 alot bigger game or you will loose the whole new market you tried to gain.

@unster said in Community Update 13/03/19:

My solution is to switch the color settings on my monitor when playing a russian map.

and @Jayson

The best work around I have found is to use ReShade and set up 2 different tone map or colour presets for the russian and american wild maps respectively. Its really easy to set up and switch presets. If you dig deep into what other shaders are available it can really change the way the game feels and looks. If you add all of the shaders to ReShade, the game will take a while to start, so the best way to avoid this is to just have the shaders you use in the shaders folder, thus reducing startup times.

The shaders I use are Tone Map, Vibrance and HDR, which are all have very low if not fractional impacts on performace. Another one I would recommend is DeBand, which works really well, but is a resource spunge so only worth using if you have a bit of a beast of a comp.

@kingpinn Sounds unnecessarily complicated and taxing on the computer. I have a more saturated color preset on my monitor just for MR when playing Russian-style maps. It's as easy as a few button presses and doesn't add any load on the PC.

@unster It's neither unnecessarily complicated or taxing on the computer if used correctly and can improve the games graphics and performance beyond what MR is currently capable of.

When I first found out about it, I was also skeptical and didn't think it was worth setting up, but gave it a go anyways and have now been using ReShade/SweetFX for about 4 or 5 years on almost every game I own.

@wrongwayracing23 said in Community Update 13/03/19:

You guys ripped off console games!

how exactly did they rip off console players? it has all the features it has on PC, except mod support, which is limited by the consoles itself, not the game

@unster You guys know that most graphics cards drivers have an option to change color settings and saturation via software, right?. You can even save profiles and then change between them with a click. I don't see the need to use the monitor buttons. Especially because they are often "weak" and tend to fail over time. Of course, high-end monitors are more likely to not have this issue. I work on IS Support, and I have seen so many monitor buttons fail in my life that I personally don't like to touch them (call it "personal trauma" 😃 ). I set up mine when I bought it and that's it. If I wanna change anything related to color, sharpness, saturation, etc. I go to my nview driver and set it up there.

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@deathcoreboy1 is this possible for only 1 game for example i want more warm colors in mudrunner but dont want in other games?

@deathcoreboy1 I do know about it, though haven't tried it. It seems easier on the monitor so you can do it in the middle of a full-screen game without having to alt-tab it to minimize it. No issues with monitor buttons. I think I have a mid-range monitor, nothing fancy but not cheap either. I also use the buttons to reduce blue light at night while I'm just browsing or doing other non-game stuff.

Dumb question, how do I watch the what's next event this coming April?