Jumping is not a valid tactic

One of the major steps down from classic INS is the indefensibly overeffective nature of jumping. Not only is chest-high jumping no longer needed (did you guys never stop to think that the only reason this is a gaming trope is because vaulting didn't used to be a thing? We have vaulting now!), but it's realism-breaking in the extreme.

Sandstorm has a become a game which rewards tactics like entering a room by jumping sideways, because of the ridiculously hyperactive jump mechanic and the complete lack of penalty for what should be considered hard landings.

NWI needs to ask themselves: do they really want INS to become Quake, or do they want it to preserve its reputation as a somewhat realistic tactical shooter?

This crap needs to be ended, permanently. There is no room for debate on this point IMO. Halve the jumping height, or apply huge penalties to aim after a chest-high landing. No human in reality has ever leaped sideways 5 feet in the air into a room to effect a dynamic entry. It's not humanly possible, trying would be a death sentence, and this game needs to reflect that reality. I have watched hundreds of hours of combat footage and I have yet to even ONCE see a human leap through the air like he's pulled by a wire. A guy in combat kit would be lucky to jump 2 feet straight up, much less fly across a room in a parabolic arc.

Folks who possess a compulsion to jump can play virtually every other trash shooter out there.

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I totally agree to your argumentation and support that proposal to halve the jump height and after each jump the time for Aim Down Sight should also be increased for 1 second !

The game wants to be realistic at core points but still has too arcadish elements like jumping sideways ( chest-high ) or running steep stairs up with a sprinting speed like an 100 meters sprint olympia athlete who only wears a very lightweight shirt, shorts and shoes.

Dear NWI Developers , please add realism to the movement mechanics !

The weight of the weapons ( including the attachments like bipod, big scopes, compensators, silencers ) and equipment ( Magazines, Grenades, armour plates, RPG´s ) weigh roundabout 20-40 kg depending on what you equip. With such extra weight, in reality it is impossible to do manouvers like jumping chest-high or sprint up the stairs in such ridiculuos speed like in Sandstorm.
Even if you are a very well trained soldier with an athletic body you cannot do what i described above.

Players have to learn that the use of flashbangs and other type of grenades and exact timing are elementary when trying to capture a mission objective which is massively protected inside.
Communication is the key to succes and a good timed attack from all directions should be the desired way to clear a building.
Jumping around like rabbits should not be rewarded.

Please don't force me to use the vault mechanic. At minimum, I want a separate keybind for jump so I stop accidentally vaulting when I try to jump up something. Nerfing jump entries is fine (I've never seen someone do this successfully, but you could increase ADS time after jumping to solve the problem), but please don't require me to use a pile of bugs and scripted animation that doesn't even take me where I want to go.

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They seem to have fixed this, so props for that. They did it in such a way that didn't nerf jumping except as a combat tactic, which is fine with me.

BTW, I had not seen this behavior much until recently, but I posted this thread because that night I was playing and at least 3 people pulled it off successfully in one round. That's why I sound annoyed in the OP, though to be fair this was an indefensibly gamey tactic.

NWI fixed this in 1.1.3 patch

@marshaul Old Ins was fun because you could be better than someone because you know how to move faster, this incluides the crouch jump, it would be stupid to take this away because you need to have movement skill and not just good aim and game knowledge, only allowing vaulting would be bad

@zayzek Exactly. To quote @marshaul, one of the "major steps down from classic INS" is the nerf to jumping (and movement in general).