Possible Bot AI Improvements

My two cents for AI tweaks:

-> Bot Accuracy Scaling: Currently, bots become more accurate the longer they fire at someone. However, this accuracy seems to increase up to 100%, meaning a bot can headshot you with any weapon at any range. I've been one-tap headshotted by a TOZ shotgun at 40 meters and by a Browning Hi-Power at 60 meters.

  • Accuracy is supposed to start off poor, but I've had bots flickshot me with a Mosin at 50 meters before. Bot first-shot accuracy is often 100%, and it's pretty easy to notice; bots will often see a player, immediately hit their first shot, and then proceed to miss the rest. Of course, without armor and constant resupplying, this leads to your inevitable death.

  • For balance / fairness reasons, bots should deliberately miss the target, unless at extremely close range. Accuracy should then scale up after continuous fire, but at some point, accuracy has to stop increasing so bots don't reach perfect accuracy. How accurate bots can get also depends on weapon ironsights, weapon type and any optics on the weapon itself.

  • Also, bots zeroing in on a target often end up headshot-wallbanging him after they get down into cover. It's happened too many times for me.

-> Bot Movement Accuracy: Currently, bots with sniper rifles will easily snipe you at range even if they're running and hipfiring, which is insanity. I think AI accuracy should scale depending on whatever the bot is doing. If he's running around, his accuracy should be pretty shit, but a bot crouched or prone has much better accuracy, as well as a bot actually using ADS. Stamina could play a role, as well.

-> LGMS (Laser Guided Molotov System): Still 100% in effect for explosive weapons. It's annoying when a bot throws a molotov over two buildings and hits you in the face. I've also had rocket launchers fired at me from 200 meters that were inches away from hitting me in the face (although for rocket launchers, I've also had the opposite happen). It's especially infuriating when a frag lands on your location from seemingly nowhere and you're unable to dodge it. Nerfing bot accuracy with explosive weapons, as well as requiring a direct line-of-sight (unless they're throwing into a building), would make more sense.

  • Having bots actually throw grenades at people, instead of up in the air like a damn mortar shell, would be nice too.

-> Bot Dshk Accuracy: Literal insanity. It could use a heavy nerf for sure. Sometimes, the first shot has 100% accuracy (especially if a bot just manned it, but it can happen anytime, really) and a direct hit with a .50 BMG doesn't lead to a good time.

  • Another thing, as well; bots could use that gun in a more useful fashion. Having the AI use the Dshk to actually fire into objectives as its own script would create a lot of tension and pressure, although have it fire in a somewhat-predictable pattern so you aren't just bodied out of nowhere.

-> Bot Vision: Bots currently see you through tree leaves, bushes (in some cases), curtains, doors (it seems like it, anyway), etc. Not very fun to deal with. Bots also seem to see you from pretty far away, even if you don't fire your gun or show much of your body.

  • Also, I'm convinced bots don't actually see you properly. I feel like bots actually see your head higher than it actually is (or the bot's head/line-of-sight is higher than it should be) because I've been wallbanged through cover that wouldn't cover me if I wasn't prone. It's especially common with Dshks on technicals. The easiest example to recreate would be going prone under a window and seeing if a bot on a Dshk wallbangs you underneath the windowsill.

All of these changes will overall make bots easier to deal with (more fair, at least) so increasing the number of bots (or at least, letting players vote on how many bots can be in-game, similar to Source, as well as difficulty) would be ebin. I've recently been playing Custom community servers with 20-30 bots and they're fun as hell, but I'll be damned if the AI isn't bullshit.

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Hey @MarksmanMax
Thanks for these suggestions, I've passed them along to the dev team. 🙂

@jellyfoosh said in Possible Bot AI Improvements:

Hey @MarksmanMax
Thanks for these suggestions, I've passed them along to the dev team. 🙂

Oh sh*t, thanks!