PVP M150 (ACOG) for Security ?

I find it odd that the ACOG / M150 scope is not available for security during PVP. Compared to the SU230 (Elcan Spectre) which costs the same 3 points , they have the same magnification.

Looks like just a visual / aesthetic change if you make the ACOG / M150 scope available to the security during PVP. Especially since the ACOG is widely used by security forces worldwide , and many players want the “full security experience” with ACOGs on their m16/m4.

After all the ACOG is already available to security during COOP/ PVE mode.

Could anyone / any devs around shed some light on why this is not done ? And if possible I would like to make a humble request to consider adding the ACOG / m150 to the security arsenal during PVP modes

I dropped NWI an email but never heard back from them.

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@generalsam The C79 is actually 2 supply, not three.

There's been a ton of Forum posts about this topic, though. Not sure if the ACOG will actually get moved over.

Oops, i was referring to the SU230 (Elcan Spectre DR) which cost 3 points for security.

Did anyone from NWI come out to explain ?