I should of typed this all before your first update...so....opps

But there are some things i'd still like to see as well as....ideas...

Ease of use

  • Make an option to force ADS where the gun is pointing not the center of the screen
  • Fix bolt action and shotgun reload animations (the character reaches for another round when the chamber is full)
  • Add armor, carrier, and gasmask preview tabs to the customization.
  • Just remove heavy armor, it's confusing new players that think it actually does something..when it does not..


I kinda came up with an overhaul to the entire system as well as level rewards

Giving credits at the end of game

  • 3-8 for a lose
  • 11-18 for a win

Then lowering the amount gained per level to 25...but adding something new

Requisition points
You gain a tick toward earning these with every level, you can trade these in for ANY item of equal rarity

  • Common - Every 6 levels
  • Uncommon - Every 12 levels
  • Rare - Every 18 levels
  • Unique - Every 24 levels
  • Legendary? - Every 30 levels

Just make leveling more...interesting I guess

and that sums up the easy stuff...nowww the more complex ideas...

The observer is that class that everyone knows you need but no one wants to play...cause it's stale...honestly the observer and commander are so bland there's no strategy to using them...they just drop bullshit...that's their "Strategy"

I sat there and realized it made little sense since very few team members can take advantage of most of the call ins. I mean smoke...it's basically a bluff bomb...so

My idea was instead of making an observer class, make it so up to 2 people on a team can take the observer pack as a bonus item. This creates very interesting and a lot of depth to teams build and approach, creates great replay ability and most importantly something I have never seen in this game...People talking about and setting up their equipment with the TEAM


This is just a interesting suggestion to make the breacher more unique.

in short

  • Make the breacher able to equip a major "Primary" and backup "Primary" (Not exactly a primary)
    Basically the breachers pump, and smg's like the EVO Scropion, UMP, p90 are all main weapon SMGS while the current (UZI, MP5, MP7) are all secondary SMGS. Lowering their ammo by about one mag each and I think this makes them quiet interesting. secondary shotguns could be a sawed off or a super shoty etc. with maybe 2 extra "mags"

Also, I know a lot of people keep making jokes or saying things about semi auto or even full auto shotguns...to answer those people


however something like the DP-12 could be an interesting in between, long downtime but still offers a bit more forgiveness between shots while still being a pump.


You just did a patch and I'm kicking you where it hurts...sorry...