This is a request for Focus Home Interactive to consider developing Wargame 4, not because of kindness, but because it is currently missing out on profit that they could make off it.

Wargame 4 is a highly requested and demanded game, being the expected sequel to Wargame Red Dragon, a co-operative effort between Focus Home Interactive and Eugen Systems. Eugen has stated that they are not considering making it, possibly due to licensing issues, resulting in Wargame being in limbo in terms of ownership.

Currently, Eugen is circumventing this by making Steel Division, a WW2 reskin of Wargame. Even if it is being bought, it cannot reach the passionate following that Wargame has, and many players feel that they are being denied what they truly want.

This is a missed business opportunity, and I am sure that the ownership handover in regards to the IP would be worth it, because Wargame is a niche game and thus comparatively speaking quite cheap.

Since Focus has bought Eugen property before, namely the Act of War series, another purchase might be easier. In addition, AoW lacks the brand loyalty that Wargame has, and its best sell by date might be expired at this point.

Below is a link to my post on the Eugen forums, regarding how Wargame 4 should be made, based on interactions with the community on Facebook and Reddit, as well as my own thoughts on the matter. Thank you for reading this far, and I hope you enjoy my post 🙂