Augur Disruptor Bomb questions.

I've been playing with Corsairs a bit recently, and I've noticed that the Augur Disruptor Bomb does not work the way I had understood it to. Its description reads:

The Flagship launches an augur disruption which affects all enemy ships on the battlefield. Every affected ship's detection range is removed for 45 seconds.

I had always thought that removed a ship's ability to detect cloaked units, because in the UI a ship's ability to reveal a detected ship (red dot) into a known contact is referred to as "Identification range". But Augur Disruptor Bomb actually removes a ship's Identification range, not its scanning range (scanning range is the term the help section uses to describe this).

So now understanding these terms, I've realized I have no idea why Corsairs would want this. All of their ships have the Shroud Hull attribute, meaning that they will never be detected when inside of identification range, until they also move into a ship's scanning range, in which case even if the Augur Disruption Bomb were active, they would be immediately detected.

It almost feels to me like that given the factions that have access to this ability, it's intended to be removing scanning range, and not identification range like it currently does (the fact that the tooltip confusingly refers to a term "detection range" that does not exist anywhere else in the game as far as I can tell does not help this feeling).

Is there some important piece of the puzzle I'm missing here? Is having Augur Disruption Bomb on a Corsair fleet as totally worthless as it appears?

Auger disruption bomb does exactly what it says. It makes enemy ships identification range tiny.

If your ship has already been identified and then you use disruption bomb then your ship will remain identified.

I’ve found it useful with 13.5k + ranges fleets like chaos. You reset identification by burning retro in an asteroid field or moving into a nebulae then use auger distuption. You can then fire at range without retaliation. You can also all ahead full with emission dissipators.
It’s worth noting that this does not reduce the radius of scan from escorts.

You do not need it on Corsair as you have shroud hull which basically does a better job of the same thing.

@nin6 Riiight. So you came to the same conclusions I did, except you say that it does what it says it does. Whereas I see the term "detection range" not referenced anywhere else, and the term that the ability is actually referring to is "identification range". This is confusing, because the word "detection" in most RTS games refers to the ability to see invisible units - which is exactly what "scanning range" is in this game.

I think the ability tooltip text should at least say "identification range".

What I'm implying is perhaps an even bigger problem though, is that perhaps (and maybe you and I are both wrong - I'd like to hear more opinions) the Augur Disruptor Bomb does literally nothing for Corsair, but they can choose it for some reason. This seems like a mistake to me. If that is the case, they should not have this ability and should instead have it replaced with another that provides literally any benefit to them at all.

Corsairs need Augur disruptor bomb removed entirely and replaced with anything else. For them it is a trap option for players who don't understand game mechanics. You never can have a blip state as corsairs, ever, you are either identified, or stealthed.

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Identified is the best status you can have on an opponents ship, it can be done in a few ways. Red blips that move into detection range ( the larger circle around your ships ) , stealthed ships that run into identification range ( the smaller circle around your ship ) , hanger ordinance will identify, auger / wraithbone probe , and lastly escorts scan which also marks and prevents stealth for 30 seconds - similar to emperors tarot which marks for 90 seconds but can only be cast on blips or identified ships but also prevents any type of stealth for its duration.

You can remove identify by using clouds, asteroid field and tyranid spore clouds. This will reactivate stealth ( shroud hull ) or give a ship back blip status if it does not have shroud hull, providing you are out of detection range. If you go back into detection range and you have no shroud hull you will be identified again. This is where auger disruption comes in. You cast it in the window where you reset to blip status but want to cripple opponents detection. Useless for Corsair because you simply go back into stealth using shroud hull.

It’s probably also worth noting running silent.

Running silent basically will only be revealed by marking or being within a ship identification range ( hanger ordinance included) This is the highest form of stealth but only available to small hulls.

The running silent ships shape will also be briefly revealed to you if it fires its weapons giving its position away. You can hold fire to stop this.

@jawrippa Yeah so, the fact that it seems to be a "trap option" implies to me that maybe it isn't even doing what it's supposed to be doing. Thanks for more confirmation on how it works!

@nin6 OK, thanks for the explanation. What you're saying here confirms that Corsairs can literally never be in a red dot state, so the ability actually can't be used by them.