Significant performance decrease since last patch

Since the patch, I've been having a hell of a time with the ingame shaders. Pre-patch, I'd run the game with an average of 68fps, going as high as as 97 and as low as 50 when everything was going crazy. However, with the same settings, I've been getting an average 38fps, dips down to 8, and spikes only go as high as 52 when I'm lucky. I've noticed this gets particularly bad if I look in the direction of objective D on coop security on Refinery. If we have to defend that objective, I'm pretty much useless to the team as I can't look certain directions without crawling to 5fps, and if bots enter the building, I'll drop down to <1fps. This also used to be the case with ragdolls, but that has since been fixed since CTE.

I've fiddled around with settings a bunch and I've narrowed it down to shadows. I used to be able to run the game with the setting at high with decent performance, but now if I so much as take it up to medium from low, I get an immediate 40% performance decrease, regardless of any other setting. With tesselation, ambient occlusion, post-processing, and shadow resolutions all on/maxed, the FPS decrease is the same as with those settings set to off/minimum. In fact, with shadows set to low, I can push everything else except supersampling to ultra, but as soon as I set the shadows to medium, I can barely run the game with everything else set to minimum.

Frankly, this is really disappointing because I love how good the shaders are, and I find the game very difficult to play without shadows... It just turns into a washed out mess of bloom lights.

As for my rig, I'm running i5 devil's canyon, AMD R9 380x Black, and 64GB of RAM.

My perfromance has also decreased with the last patch. I'm sad about not being able to enjoy the game. I preordered it because I love Insurgency 2014, but this game is unplayable on my computer. And it's the only game I can't play on this 3 year old PC. I mean, even at the lowest settings I usually have around 30 frames per second. The only gamemode I can enjoy is rankeds, because performance is much better there (since there are less players).

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@meanderingbeing @TallsFalls Have either of you considered deleting your config files in %APPDATA? You might have to reset some in-game settings, but I as well as a lot of other people have gotten a performance boost after doing so.

Also, for stuttering issues, getting your Texture Streaming to High might help. For some reason, if I keep it off now my PC seems to die.

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