Budget PC Guide for Mudrunner under 350 euros

Hi guys. i noticed some of our console brethren were complaining that they were unable to use mods. i have written a post about it on the thread so i wont go into it here. it seemed that a lot of console owners have the impression that a gaming pc is really expensive so i did a bit of digging on the net and put together a pc which can not only run mudrunner but a whole host of other games too. im a casual pc hobbyist and by no means a professional but i do keep up to date with pc hardware and enjoy building my own systems. i made a spreadsheet without knowing the total price and was quite happily surprised to see that it came in at just under 350 euros. i have posted the spreadsheet below.


i have added my reasons for the parts i chose on the spreadsheet if you have any questions or suggestions about the page or building your own pc feel free to pm me. i would also like to hear your thoughts on what pcs you would build. like i said im not an expert i just want to show people that they can get into pc gaming quite easily.

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Oscar Mike 🙂

Yea PC's aren't that expensive. People just go to local shops, see's pre-built "top of the line" PC's going for insane prices and then just assume it costs that to built them.