shorty shotgun for secondary ?

Sure, let me just put it in my pistol holst- ... wait it doesn't fit.

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If it was a break action, double barrel id be ok with it for 2 points would need to be 4 points for a shorty pump action. But would be very useful for machine gunners or snipers.

@consolefreaked Sounds kinda weird, but it would definitely be an Insurgent thing if it was added. They have no counter to the PF940 atm, so a smol shotgun of some kind would be kinda neat.

This is how we handled shotguns in my servers, the spec ops guy could carry a shotgun or smg as a secondary. in real life, nobody is going to bring a shotgun to a rifle fight, and other than a few specialized units shotguns are usually carried as part of a 3-gun loadout.