Audio issues

Total Audio Loss

  • Game is completely playable, no hick ups or freezes. It's just no audio for at least 5 to 10 seconds
  • Seemingly random, no possible trigger. Audio cuts out when huge artillery explosions happening, people talking in voice chat, etc.
  • I suspected my headset is the issue, but having Spotify play a song in the background and still hearing the song play when the game audio cuts out eliminated the possibility that it's my headset.

Female Insurgent voice

  • sometimes I hear a Female security forces audio as the voice over when playing as Insurgent specifically when low reinforcement
  • There's a bug where playing as insurgent and wearing a gas-mask (just learned that without gasmask also has this bug), I hear female voice heavy breathing when sprinting for a while. I suspect having a female Security Forces soldier as an avatar, and playing as this character from the previous round might've triggered the bug.
  • Same thing happens in reverse. Playing as female security forces and hearing male voice when "heavy breathing"

Other Bugs:

  • Minimap redzone location does not match the actual game level (not sure if feature or bug)
  • There are still areas that in some map that has a clear sight of enemy spawn area that with a help of an semi-auto sniper or 4x on an MG, a player can take down enemies when they leave the spawn area. Mainly in Summit, Crossing and Farmhouse.
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I've played with some players who have had that same audio cut out issue before the latest patch, but now I am experiencing the same audio cut out.

same here since 1.1.2

Hello all,

Thanks for sharing this list. I'll forward it to the team!