Okay so my main problem is that simple rubble in the way diverts my movement. This is extremely annoying when you know you have space to move, but the game decides hold you up for a few milliseconds then lets you on your way. This is really stupid, noone in real life would do this, so please do something about it.
Here's 1 of the 1000 problem areas for example:
Places like this should be smoothened out properly by leaving the models as they are, but smoothening the collisions.

Another thing is, some of the parts where you can CLEARLY climb up and wouldn't lead you off the map is blocked off from the player. Now this is just annoying as you have no idea what you can and can't climb, it's not consistent. Let the players mount any surface that said surface could hold a player easily (so no jumping on umbrellas and stupid stuff like that) and that doesn't lead you off the map. Multiple amazing sniper positions / MG nests are blocked off due to this.