Editor problem after re-install

I just cleaned my pc and did a complete re-install of windows and all. After installing the game and editor, I noticed some differences. The new editor changed the coordinate system. Now it's back to 0's and 1's instead 90° when rotating a model.

I also can not get a map to work. I just made small test map with a garage and the Chevy Blazer and it says can't find the truck. After adding a new sign to my models map, it says it's an old version when trying it in game.

I also noticed that the editor uses the old SpinTiresEditor cache folder again screwing up my Spintires editor. I have to change the paths every time I switch editors. Very annoying. It had it's own cache folder for a while.

Can someone check into what version is released because it's not working now.


EDIT: I installed the editor thru Steam by going to Library, then Tools. I also just verified file integrity and it's still messed up.

Wasn't there a beta version somewhere that had the new features?

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hi tattoo, i'm using the beta ver, that's offered in the steam properties. and i don't have any issues expect for one's that i create for myself. (i think)
_if you have any advice i would gratefully take advantage of it.. sorry to answer your question with a few more questions.
_i like to use a variety of models in my maps. however, i always screw something up.
once i add new mods,
_ i get a boatload of those occlusion errors,(Not sure what they represent).
i've also seen a little bit about clearing the 'cache folders'. Which cache folders are being deleted? the in the game folder? or the caches in the appdata folder?
_ _if i add any model except for one's that have the folders, class-mesh-texture. -- it's a 50/50 if they will work or give the 'broken-missing'. if there are _m, _t folders.
_it gets so 'effin frustrating, that i've tossed out every map i've made, because i cannot get a grasp on the adding models process. _Rufus

I found the beta version, finally. I forgot how to access it and found it after right-clicking on the editor in Tools and going to betas.

@rufus, Thanks Rufus but I was able to find it, finally, after reading about it in another thread. As for the models, it all depends on the models themselves. Take for instance the models I just released. I've had them in my editor since I made them and didn't get any errors. So I figured it was all good. I zipped them up and released them without going thru them much. I rushed them out, unfortunately. I didn't realize that I had extra files in there from testing. So I need to go thru each and every one of them again before releasing them again.

I just did a complete re-install of windows and all, and after re-installing MR and the editor, I put them exact models in my editor and seen the errors. I was shocked because I strive to NOT have errors. That makes me look bad because I try hard to have my stuff made correctly and to work without problems. So I understand now how others will have the same problems. And I know now that I need to take more care into making sure that everything is proper before sending them out for release. My bad.

_The occlusion errors you get are from a texture that is suppose to be in media/prebuild/common folder. An occlusion map is something to do with how light shadows the model using an occlusion map, meaning it shows a shadow around the base of the model on the ground. To fix that, you would open the classes/models/model.xml and remove the line near the bottom that calls for the occlusion map. Example;

	<Occlusion Size="(30; 30)" Texture="occlusion_city_building_04.tga" />

_To clear the cache when working in the editor, you would go to this folder, for now anyway because it changed again. Mudrunner had it's own editor cache folder for a bit after I pointed out that it interfered with the ST editor but now it's back to the old ST editor cache folder for some reason.


To clear the cache of the game, you would go to this folder, which is right above the editor cache folder;

C:\Users\?????\AppData\Roaming\SpinTires MudRunner\MeshCache

_The _m and _t folders need to be in the media folder to work. If you're getting errors from the models, usually, it's not anything you did. The models themselves had errors when the map was made. You wouldn't know about the errors if you didn't try to use them in the editor. The errors can be fixed but it depends on the error. If it's a texture error, it's a little harder because you have to edit the extension-less file in the _m folder and I'm not sure if it can be edited and still work. MarijnS95 made program to do that but not sure if it still works for MR models/mods.

Mesh XML editor

Other errors such as wrong size or something similar is because the model was scaled and the maker didn't use xform on it. You can't fix that error unless you can put it back in max and reset xform on it.

EDIT: I just tried the Mesh XML editor and it does still work for MR.

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@tattoo __Thank You very much. Your info has filled in a lot of holes in my Editor theories. I am going to mess around with all this. I appreciate the time you took for me . _RuFuS