serverside vs client side sounds and lights

Been playing mudrunner a while now and love it. cant help notice a few minor points tho. i noticed that headlights and engine sounds are clientside only while in MP. it would make the game 10x better if i could hear my teammates engine or see the light from his headlights. is that something they can implement into the game? appart from those little pet peevs i think the game is fantastic. i think just hearing my teammates engine would add to the immersion.

It should be possible yes, Grand Theft Auto 5 runs on a Pier 2 Pier online system like this game does, and on that game you can hear other peoples engines, gunfire, see their lights, all that jazz.

So it can be done. Difference is we're talking about Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive VS Focus and the small Mudrunner dev team. Kinda a tad bit of difference there.

But in regards to if it's possible, oh yes it's possible, it CAN be done. However WILL it be done, now that's an entirely different question altogether.

from my understanding this is mostly due to the fact there is no actual "servers" for this game. it is hosted by one of the players. the more things to sync up, the bigger the strain on the host PC since it is not being hosted from an actual dedicated server.