Streaming Mudrunner

Hi i have been playing mudrunner now a while with my friends and really enjoy it. i noticed not many people stream it. is there no interest in watching mudrunner?
i have started streaming myself in january and streamed mudrunner a few times now. im still new to streaming and going nowhere with my streaming career 😛 so i thought i would post here and let people know im around. i dont have a schedule or anything but usually start in the evening GMT+1 it all depends when my friends want to play. i dont play on my own and my friends like to play other games too so if theres anyone out there who wants to play with me so i can stream more drop us a line.
my channel can be found here

well thats me
keep truckin guys.

@oscarmike Just personal opinion here: Reason why "nobody" is streaming/watching MR is, that it is not fun to watch. There are "long" pauses between thrilling moments and even there, it is kind of fun, that you have to expirience on your own.
I've tried it several times, play some MR video while eating my dinner, but... It didn't work...

I sometimes stream Mudrunner mainly as a workaround to create a video that exceeds 1 hour. Normally on PS4 the match length a video can be recorded in 1 hour, but if you stream you can make it as long as you want and after you are done the stream gets uploaded to Youtube as a video. This allows me to make playthough videos without needing to upload 2-3 per every map.

Now I don't do commentary, I don't really advertise my streams or nothing, it's just straight up gameplay. But despite that every time I do a Mudrunner stream, ever with it just being gameplay, I still get a few people joining in.

So there seems to be a interest for the game.

i watch streams of the game when i can. although it is usually to watch those who are new to the game. kinda fun to watch the fails, give a few tips and basic game info. mostly though it is to watch the fails. lol

takes a real fan of the game or of the streamer/YTer to watch. yes logging is a little bit of a yawn, but for some watching people just trail riding is even more exciting (<note a bit of sarcasm). let's face it. got to have a real interest in the game/streamer/YTer or be really bored to watch. now with logging i kinda get it more since there is the risk of rolling and losing a load. lol

to be honest! after making that post i watched someone stream mudrunner all night for about 4-5 hours. in the morning my mates got on and we fired up the game. we litterally just finished playing now. we played and i streamed for 12 hours 30 min straight. it was epic. longest stream i have ever done longest mudrunner session. i had a bunch new follows and viewers my stream has never been so active. it was a sensation for me. between the 4 of us we completed some epic maps like dangerous roads 3 and return to badlands. totaly hecktic maps which i would have never expected to come accross. never would have been able to complete these maps solo. this game has so much going for it. so pumped right now but its time for bed. its been a long day.