Leaving playing area.

Well today I was playing Sandstorm and observed other players using the outside of playing area in maps to circumnavigate the maps to get behind enemy to snipe them from the rear. The Devs should state you left playing area and have 5 sec to return and count down then they die. This only pertains to team death match game version. If the Dev's wanted, one of them should play and see what I'm talking about. Soon this is going to cause other players to quit playing because if they feel like I do this is cheating.... I already sent Id of recording they can see for themselves.

@woodsowls This isn’t Battlefield... Keep your head on a swivel and this shouldn’t affect you. They also only have a very short amount of time to get out of the red area or they won’t be able to aim/fire. That being said keep complaining about this type of shit and I’m sure they will add in your insta death red area like you want. They already seem to be heading in a direction far far away from what Insurgency is about...

Hey @woodsowls

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Can you precise the locations where you've witnessed this issue?

@planetcanada , @Pacalis
I don´t understand why you are reacting toxic on this proposal.

This guy is just telling that some people are bypassing the rules of a fair match.
Nobody should have an advantage when going ( inside the restricted zone ) around the map to reach a spot where they can snipe the other team from a hidden spot.
Sure you should be aware that this can happen but normaly you focus on the main attack direction and not on your back when you spawn.
People should not be rewarded by sneaking around in the restricted zone. That´s why he recommends just to be allowed only a few seconds to stay in the restricted zone.
And his opinion absolutely matches my opinion about fairness !

It´s not the way a fair match is done and therefore it´s not necessary to move longer time in restricted zones.
If you are good in sniping and sneaking do it in the allowed space and prove your skills in a fair way !

10 seconds and a big warning screen before dying is absolutely o.k .
Enough time to turn around and get back into the safe map zone.

By the way this is just a game and NOT a real warzone where soldiers kill each other to decimate the others army.
The fun factor is in foreground and NOT the " kill the enemy soldiers at all costs" tactics.
We all see unfair warfare everyday in TV news in warzones in the middle east where people die by detonations caused by remote ignition.
Unfairness provides advantage. That´s it ! It´s a dirty way to fight.

I believe that people who are playing Sandstorm or any kind of FPS games don´t want unfair gamers as opponents.
Or do you guys want unfair fights ?

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@gsg_9_lightning Because from what I could tell OP was talking about someone using them red area just to get to another playable area. They aren’t staying in that red area for very long and aren’t sniping people from the red area nor using it to sneak behind their spawn just behind enemies in general! Boohoo... This is literally not an issue and does not effect me and sure let’s add a 5 second timer then insta death as OP suggests for read areas and all of a sudden now I take a wrong turn or fall off a ledge into a red area or even get lost exploring and trying to learn the map and now I have 5 seconds before I die fuck that. I have started reacting toxic recently because I’m still in search of and have high hopes for my “Insurance” my good old Insurgency just with benefits of a new engine just like I was promised from the beginning but nope with this community and the way things are going we are getting a babied up children friendly version of what Insurgency once was in my eyes so hey don’t be scared doesn’t seem lie the devs are going to listen to me anyways so why worry... I’ll just keep ranting a bit longer and be on my way as this game gets further away from what I thought it was going to be ie. damage reflection, dieing instantly from red zones, next they will remove friendly fire they removed the gun ship from versus cause people cried I think anyways don’t know if they threw that back in cause I don’t play anymore but you see where I’m going... or don’t doesn’t really matter. Oh and I forgot to mention what about when the enemies cap a point and you have to retreat I shouldn’t be able to hang in proximity there for a min and make them search me out we already don’t get long at all in this instance and we get the red fucking screen when I feel this exact situation gives some of my team a min to set up defence for the next attack but you would rather I have to immediately run right back to the next stop or die within 5 seconds? What about the odd time I dont make it back because I got lost or was just deep in front of the defending area and now I still get killed by an enemy because once again while trying to retreat I lose my ability to aim and shoot already like I said after a really short period of time... Nope this guy and you apparently would rather I die in 5 seconds...

My god, you really sound like a frustrated old man or like a naive young boy...choose one yourself !
Sandstorm is not Insurgency2014 , and NO it will not mutate and become like Insurgency2014 after all your negativity in this Forum.

If you have suggestions to make the game better, please let your creativity out and let the developers know about your awsome ideas.
I am sure they will get attention to new ideas, and discuss them and may be, if your proposals are really good, they will add them to upcoming patches.

As i wrote before, sneaking through restricted areas to reach another non-restricted area ( just to have an unfair advantage ) is not the way players want to play the game.
It´s your wish to explore ? Then do it on singleplayer missions !

If you are a lone wolf and leave your team ( which is a mistake in my opinion ) and sneak around just to find a better sniper position somewhere far away from your team, then it´s just egoistic behaviour just to get as many kills as possible. A teamplayer supports his team by covering his teammates !

And if you are getting overrun by the other team and they take mission objective and you have to leave the area ( because it will become a red / restricted area), then you should play the game as it is supposed to be played : RETREAT and REFORM with your teammates on the next mission objective !

But hey, ...play the game like you want it.
But DON´T believe that everybody else is likeminded.

@gsg_9_lightning I’ll choose the frustrated old man I suppose lol and Truuust me I know everyone is not like minded the way the games going just proves that but hey it is what it is isn’t it? Suppose I should just let it go and move on for good. At the end of the day the devs are going to do what they think will make them the most money and attract the most players which in all honesty is a smart move and I don’t blame them just wish I would have known I was going to be lied too from the start. I probably wouldn’t have supported nor wasted all this time arguing with people here believing that they might stay true to Insurgency roots just as originally advertised I when I pre-ordered... Two copies... Sucks too because I have RL friends who only play console and would have gotten this game based on my word but at this point just like I said it will be very difficult for me to continue to support going forward via console once that happens...


Hey Im not supporting the toxicity, only the message that the restricted area makes your gun stay down and insta death might not be the way, fair points both side debate and OP got a point as well

@chaton It occurs in all maps. There are 2 zones when you leave play area. 1 is where you just can't aim and shoot then you go into you will die in 20 with countdown. While staying in the can't aim and shoot area you can run all the way around the map and then enter and shoot from behind opponents. They need 5 sec count down when first leaving play area..

@gsg_9_lightning I can understand @planetcanada as recently NWI's made a lot of decisions that's really only worsened Sandstorm. Now, they did say March is dedicated for fixing shit, so hopefully they can pull through and undo what they've done earlier, but at this point (just to name something), Sandstorm's damage model has been fucked for >6 months.

@woodsowls This is a legitimate problem with Sandstorm. Let me tall ya, TDM isn't the only mode where you can pull this cheeky bullshit. You can use this tactic in gamemodes like Push and Skirmish to essentially wipe entire spawn waves.

You can also over people in spawn with a truck if you want to.