New patch released March 8th: what was in it?

I saw a few BFGA:2 game patch downloaded through Steam this Friday evening. Was there any patch notes?

It appears the game's launcher EXE and main game EXE files were updated. One of the EasyAntiCheat files were upated.
Also the CSV file UnitStatsOfficial.csv file was updated.

Though the game EXE files were updated the version.bfgver file was not updated for some reason. The steam_appid.txt file now shows a value of 363680.

Will any patch notes be provided? Thanks.

Check out this thread on the steam forums.
It seems a bunch of ship prices for big campaign ships like Macragge's Honour where updated.

Patch 2: Imp_Macragge_Honour,SPACE_MARINE,1159,
Patch 3: Imp_Macragge_Honour,SPACE_MARINE,753

Patch 2: Imp_Phalanx,SPACE_MARINE,1618,
Patch 3: Imp_Phalanx,SPACE_MARINE,1051,

Patch 2: Chaos_Vengefull_Spirit,CHAOS,1138
Patch 3: Chaos_Vengefull_Spirit,CHAOS,739

Patch 2: Ork_Battleship_SpaceHulk,ORK,810,
Patch 3: Ork_Battleship_SpaceHulk,ORK,607

Patch 2: Chaos_Battleship_BlackstoneActivated,CHAOS,1912
Patch 3: Chaos_Battleship_BlackstoneActivated,CHAOS,956,