As the title says I've tried giving the game another chance after seeing some other players saying that the latest hotfix fixed performance issues for them.

Sadly I haven't noticed it on my end. The FPS is still all over the place. Sometimes I get above 100 FPS and at other times it barely reaches 50. When I tried the tutorial level my FPS went down to 0 for a few seconds each time when bots spawned in and it dropped below 10 when I had to order the helicopter strike on the bridge.

My second issue is that the frametime is trough the roof when something is happening in the game. In the second part of the tutorial level where you have to capture the second point with your team the frametimes went above 200-400 ms every other second until I've finished the level.

My third issue is that the game barely uses my GPU. It's at around 40-50% load while my CPU is always at 100% usage while I'm ingame and I suspect this is causing the FPS fluctuation.

I'm running the game at full HD resolution and everything is turned down to minimum. I'm attaching my DxDiag report, maybe it can help. My game is installed on an SSD but it still takes time to load the textures properly for some reason, I've completely reinstalled the game today and I deleted the Insurgency folder in the Appdata folder before launching the reinstalled game. I'm on the latest Windows 10 patch and I've manually reenabled retpoline and import optimization for my CPU.


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