Graphics issues -

Graphics : At times textures do not load for weapons or hands at the beginning of rounds or when I respawn at times. Leaves me with an invisible weapon with no sights.

Graphics : Optics crosshairs are visible with the scope texture not loading. Looks like just the optics crosshair in the middle of the screen above the gun. Does not allow you to ADS. Does self correct sometimes.


Loading : Loading into games is taking much longer. Before I was loading in within 10 to 20 seconds. Now I have problems loading under 30 seconds.

Compiling end round data : Some if not all of the end round data is missing at the end of the round. It only shows maybe 2 to 3 boxes of the top player achievements for the map.


AI : Some AI are still showing pointing in other directions other than their true target. Have been shot by multiple AI looking at the sky.

AI : Mass Spawning of AI on the objective or very close to the objective after it has been captured.

AI : Been killed a few times by invisible AI. Or AI that have been glitched into a building that is not accessible to players. They also have glitched into walls.

AI : AI intelligence could use a step up. They should be forced more to search and clear buildings that are held by the player. Rather than running up to the wall to hold the point from being fully captured or to allow the round to end. They also tend to just run in a room and lay down. They should be actively hunting the players.

Gameplay -

Still having issues with mouse click to round down range percentage. It has gotten much better but still I am only getting about an 80 percent success rate when it comes to shots I have clicked and shots that are actually fired.

Had an issue with getting stuck on nothing after jumping over a wall.

Had an issue with weapon reload. Still showing 5 mags and not 4 mags after having pressed reload to discard the magazine. When cycled back to the mag it disappears entirely. I would imagine if discarding a mag it should show as discarded right away.